Behind the Scenes of Spoon River Anthology: Sheri

Sheri Reed was born and raised in a small town in the Kootenay region of British Columbia, where school plays and band concerts were a big part of the community. For Sheri, this love of the arts was maintained through an audience view rather than the participant for many years, but the eagerness to try and perform again was still there. A teacher of Math, Science, and numerous other courses throughout the district and B.C, she is currently teaching at Ecole McTavish.

“I met and married a wonderful man and proceeded to have four great children together before his passing changed our family’s world. As a widow and mother to four young children the loss of who I was became apparent. As a part of my self-re-discovery I decided to attend a few open audition and theatre courses. After a few call backs I finally made it to the next level and got a small part in the last Keyano Theatre production of Footloose – the Musical. I wanted to continue expanding my experience level and so auditioned for Spoon River Anthology.”

IMG_2387 (2)
Sheri as Betty Blast in the 2017 production of Footloose – The Musical directed by Karen Johnson-Diamond. Photo: Hanna Fridhed

“This process has been intense, and extremely fun! The cast is so supportive and caring. Working with this director and stage manager has been a greatly rewarding experience. The guidance they have given has been wonderfully inspiring, and their infectious humour keeps the cast energized and ready to give 110%.

My favourite thing about being a part of Spoon River Anthology is the different characters to play. At the same time, it is the most challenging to find and express each characters personality and dialogue in a way that shows each individuals emotions and message. I feel I have gone from one end of the theatre spectrum with Footloose – The Musical to the other end with Spoon River Anthology. All the way, from the level of acting and singing to blocking.”

SRA Run for light
The cast and crew of Spoon River Anthology after their run for lights. Photo: supplied

“As no one is a stranger during some point in their life to hardships, loss, happiness, love, and many others emotions, tragedies and triumphs – everyone just needs a reminder that you are not alone, there is always someone who willing listen if you the courage to share your life.”

“The support and help of my children throughout the long weeks of rehearsal and performance nights has made me proud to be their mom.” – Sheri



Preview: April 27, 8:00 pm
Opening: April 28, 8:00 pm
Show dates: April 29, May 3, May 4, May 5, May 6, 2017 8:00 pm

Tickets available at

Genre: Drama
Rating: Appropriate for all audiences

In the fictional small town of Spoon River we are introduced to the ghosts of the people that were once its inhabitants who took their secrets to the grave. While exploring the evocative story, both the sad and humorous sides of life are portrayed in the haunting performance with fetching ballads and the free verse of Edgar Lee Masters.

“A dramatic presentation reduced to its simplest terms… moving and beautiful… An evening of astonishingly stirring emotional satisfaction.” – New York Post

“A glowing theatre experience… A brooding and loving American folk poem brought to life on a stage.” – The New York Times


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